Once upon a time… Sounds like a simple enough way to start a story – and particularly a story about time travel, but what does it mean, ‘once upon a time’?

What is time?

Clocks can tell us what time it is, but they cannot tell us what time is!

The story of time travel you are about to read throughout this series, while a work of fiction, is largely based on real science, real people and real events. Where fact leaves off and fiction begins is for you to decide.

Do a search on just about anything in this book – or any books in the Quantum Lace series – and make up your own mind what is ‘real’.

Season 1 – Book 1


In this first book of the Quantum Lace series, Lady Bridgit Darnell’s life in 1895 in England is interrupted with what she initially thought was merely a strange dream – a dream in which she meets present-day Markus in South Carolina who tells her not only that quantum physics has shown time-travel is possible, but he outlines how he himself has already been able to travel through time.

Awaking back in what she recognizes as her own time and place, Bridgit is convinced the vision must have been a fantasy of her own making until an event occurs that proves the dream was in fact real, and the ripple effect of which alters Bridgit’s life forever…

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Season 1 – Book 2

In this second book of the Quantum Lace series, Lady Bridgit Darnell awoke to find herself clinging to a life-preserver, the water thick with oil. Screams and hollow cries filled the air and the salt water seemed to shower her from both above and below as what she would later learn were German planes made several passes, strafing those bobbing about in the pandemonium, their bullets whizzing past and creating a bloody spray as they hit the water.

Somehow, she found herself in the worst maritime disaster in British history – a disaster that occurred during World War II (and that Churchill refused to allow the news outlets to cover for fear of a further drop in morale). In that one single incident as many men, women and children died as in the Titanic and 9/11 disasters combined…

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Season 1 – Book 3

In this third book of the ‘Quantum Lace’ series, Bridgit awakes in April 1865 finding herself again in Charleston, South Carolina only this time and at the end of a civil war that divided a nation – not just across the line delineating North and South, but across questions and arguments around the definition of what it means to be ‘free’ that still to this day have not been effectively answered, nor the wounds healed…

Over the coming days, Bridgit is witness to actions driven by both the highest ideals for which a man can stand and the lowest to which he can stoop – and she will completely reassess her understanding of the entire concept of “FREEDOM” (and it will not be as ‘black and white’ as you might think…)

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Season 2 – Book 4

“Wake up, sleepy head!” cried a voice at Bridgit’s bedroom door.  “It’s Papa Cody’s big day!” said the voice as its owner disappeared down the hall.

As Bridgit opened her eyes, she saw a room remarkably similar in design and décor to the bedroom she left when she embarked on this journey – a bedroom located in St. Leonards On Sea, in England in 1895.

Indeed, Bridgit had landed back in England, only now in 1908, and was about to witness the first powered flight in Great Britain – by none other than the American wild west showman, Samuel F. Cody (and whose wife, by the way, was the first woman to fly in a heavier-than-air craft)!

…however, this monumental event paled in comparison to a life-altering encounter that Bridgit was about to have with someone from her past…

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