Living a globe-trotting lifestyle that most people only dream about, Leigh (Bella) St John travels the world with ten (it was eight, but her belongings seem to have mysteriously expanded during her travels) suitcases that her luggage concierge service picks up and delivers to her next exotic location – for instance, Book One was written in England; Book Two was written in Italy; and Book Three was written in Old Town Bucharest, Romania, and in the County of Sligo in Ireland.

The Quantum Lace series is a combination of many of Bella’s personal loves – quantum physics; the Victorian Era; history in general and forgotten or little-known history in particular; and the quests and challenges – and more specifically how we view and handle them – that make us who we are…

Bella has overcome personal tragedy, financial hardships and physical challenges to achieve her current level of success ~ and her outlook on life is one of positive possibilities!

If you look at Bella’s ‘Bucket List’ ( you will see not only what she still wants to achieve, but also the incredible things she has already accomplished.

When you meet her, you instantly understand the meaning of the word “passion” – Bella lives & breathes it with an enthusiasm that is contagious!

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